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What is the Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastener?

Are you tired of having to choose what fastener to use depending on the deckboard you are using?  Worry no more.  The Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastening System combines a practical and cost efficient way of fastening virtually every kind of deck board. All of the Invisi-Fast fasteners are produced from extremely tough and durable Polycarbonate. 

We know with all the different types of fasteners in the market today, choosing the correct fastener may be difficult.  You have companies telling you that their fasteners work but they don’t.  Others are telling you they are strong and durable but they’re not.  With the Invisi-Fast family of deck fasteners, you can be assured that you are getting a fastener that is designed to work with your deckboard and a fastener that is proven to be the strongest in the market!


Whether you are using a pre-grooved deck board, grooving your deckboards on the jobsite or using solid edge deckboards, Invisi-Fast has all the options for you.  With the Original fastener, you can fasten all the solid edge boards that run perpendicular to the joist.  If you are going to build your deck with the deckboards running on any angle to the joist you can choose the Angle fastener.  Then we have the Biscuit fastener for all of your grooved board applications.


One of the greatest advantages of the Invisi-Fast is the Original Fastener with a No-Spacer option(the Start/Stop Clip).  It allows the user to eliminate face screwing the deck.  You will use them around the perimeter and for the first and last board fastening.  You can use them to secure around posts and beams.  You will even use them to construct your stairs.  They are available in 36, 100 and 500 piece count kits.  Each kit comes with the appropriate number of fasteners, screws, a driver bit for the screws and installation instructions.  You will find many new ways to use the Invisi-Fast No-Spacer with every deck job you do.

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